Q. When I search and go to the Amazon website. Sometimes I lose my discount search results.

A. When your search results appear in Amazon you will see the discount in the breadcrumb at the top of your search results. You can refine you results using the normal Amazon filters on the left. However if you click on any of Amazon links at the top of the page or start a new search from within Amazon you will lose your discounted selection. Just come back to our Amazon Discount Finder and make a new search.

Q. Sometimes when I ‘Sort Results by’ either ‘Amazon Prime’ or ‘Amazon Free Delivery’ is displays items that are not eligible for Prime or the seller charges for delivery.

A. With millions of products for sale on Amazon, not every item is coded correctly in their system by sellers and sometimes these are shown in the results.

Q. I am looking at a particular item and the discount has changed.

A. Prices are constantly being updated by sellers on Amazon so prices can change at any time. Be sure to grab your bargains when you see them.

Q. When I ‘Sort Results by’ ‘Price: Low to High’ it does not appear to show the results in the correct order.

A. When you are displaying your results by ‘Price: High to Low’ or Price: Low to High’ the results shows are ordered by price. This will also include the price of items sold by a third party or used item prices.

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